Condo Security Management Software Made Simple – “AQUARIUS”

Manually writing reports have been the conventional methods used as a means of communication in the security and concierge industry. Some companies have tried to “pass on” books or use memorandums in an attempt to further enhance communication. This slow and inefficient model of operation can lead to costly misunderstandings and inaccuracies.

Our proprietary “Aquarius” software eliminates the confusion and creates an efficient and accessible communication system. With its powerful search engine, Aquarius gives you the ability to search for records on a fully integrated, secure database. It is designed to facilitate communication between residents, staff, property management and the board. It monitors vital information and provides detailed procedures to follow in emergency stations.


The accurate communication of information to relief staff, senior managers and property management is integral to the daily functionality of a building. Traditional hand written security logs are at times illegible, cumbersome to search and in many cases discourage investigations. Managing and recording all pertinent information via a software-based system such as Aquarius, improves significantly the accuracy and efficiency of the process. Information necessary to expedite any given situation is summarized and readily available without having to sift through mounds of paper. Depending on the parameters of an incident the appropriate individuals are informed automatically via e-mail, with daily, weekly and monthly reports. The checks and balances of the process ensure adherence with established practices and procedures.

Some of the information routinely logged in the Aquarius system includes:

  • In house (warning) parking tickets
  • Issues related to vehicular traffic flow
  • Descriptions and license plate numbers of offender’s vehicles
  • Mechanical issues requiring either immediate or long term actions by property management
  • Incident reports relating to fire, theft, assaults, etc., which allow for senior security managers to respond accordingly
  • Resident issues relating to security or building deficiencies

We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions to Aquarius, contact us to see how you can get started today!

AQUARIUS Premium Features


Daily Overview

The Daily Overview from mycondolink should give property managers a straightforward snapshot of what’s going on in their community: it would be like a daily overview of important administrative tasks, community events, amenity bookings and other staff-related activities. Property Managers should get a helpful summary of important tasks emailed to them on a regular basis.

Unit Profile

The Unit Profile is a summary view of all vital information as it relates to each unit. It provides community managers and staff with a simple overview of resident information including contact details, deliveries, entry instructions, maintenance requests, amenity bookings, and visitors


Media Library

The Media Library feature allows property managers to securely store and share all of their community documents online with a simple system. Board minutes, forms, by-laws, photos, and even videos can be shared with permission-based access.

Units & User Manager

Organize and update unit and resident data with ease! This feature allows property managers to maintain and edit unit information as well as keep up-to-date with resident contact details. The Unit & User Manager should also contain customizable fields and access-controls to meet the needs of any community.


Amenity Bookings

Streamline the management of amenity bookings for community residents and staff. With a detailed list of common amenities and a calendar view of their availability, this dynamic feature allows community members to book amenities for single or multiple days. Residents would appreciate an easy online booking tool that can be used anytime, from anywhere.

Parking Management

Easily track which parking spaces, bikes, and lockers belong to which unit. The concierge or security desk can manage visitor parking, track vehicle details, and print visitor parking passes using a printer! For communities that have self-parking, we can enable an optional feature to let residents print their own visitor parking passes!


Incident Reporting

The recording of incidents digitally, attaching photos and documents, and having a permanent record in a secure database that cannot be altered or deleted. Security staff sign off on a report with a digital signature and Property Managers receive instant email delivery of all new reports.

Package Tracking

MCL (mycondolink) hardware integration should automate the entire process with automatic email notifications, an easy-to-use barcode scanner, and a digital signature pad. Clear up front-desk congestion and make your life easier! Even packages left by residents for pick-up are handled by MCL! When the package is picked-up, the resident will receive an automatic confirmation


Community Calendar

MCL Community Calendar enables residents to view upcoming events in calendar format. Condo, HOA, concierge, and administrative staff can easily track property–related events such as scheduled maintenance or upcoming board meetings. And, permission-based controls give property managers the power to choose which community members can see which events.

Classified Ads

MCL dedicated Classified Ads feature, residents can quickly post and share items or services for trade, sale, or on offer. We should make uploading photos a snap and create distinct categories, making it easy to sort and search through postings.


Contractor/Commercial Ads

MCL dedicated commercial adds section should allow residents and property managers access reputable trades.

Digital Signature Pad

This allows tracking who picked up a package and when it was picked up. This can also record the signature of visitors and track who has access to resident suites. This is especially helpful for tracking caregivers, dog walkers, and cleaners. The signature pad connects via USB port.


Online Payments, Fully Automated Booking Reservations

The ONLY condo software that FULLY automates online bookings.

  • Most just take requests by sending an email to management which is then still handled manually. MyCondolink connects automatically and instantly to process credit card payments and reserve the booking. For residents this eliminates wasted time waiting to find out if their request is granted. For property managers this eliminates handling of cheques and credit cards and simplifies accounting and reconciliation.
  • Damage deposits via credit card are automatically returned to residents after a certain time.

Email blasts with multiple options for Property Manager

  • For example include one tower only, one or more floors, or one or more vertical columns (e.g. units ending in 7, 8, or 9).
  • Track acknowledgement of AGM package receipt.


Guard logs

The ONLY condo software that FULLY automates online bookings.

  • Property managers can be automatically cc'd on incidents/fire alarms.
  • Supervisors can easily compile daily summaries for management.
  • Track keys.
  • Access tracking.
  • Fast lookup of unit and resident/owner info.
  • Fully searchable.

Internal communications

  • Bulletins for staff-to-staff notices, with per-bulletin expiry dates.
  • Post library documents for residents such as bylaws.
  • Resident-to-Resident online ads, e.g. for lockers or parking wanted/for rent.
  • Optionally restrict or allow business services ads.

Maintenance requests

The ONLY condo software that FULLY automates online bookings.

  • Allow residents or staff to submit maintenance request tickets online.
  • Track status or progress online


  • Temporarily ban people or units from booking facilities or visitor parking, with automatic expiry after a certain time or indefinitely.
  • Optionally allow owners to manage their own tenants, e.g. upload lease documents to the property manager or to book the elevator for tenants for a move-in.
  • Calendar of events, such as group barbecues or exterior window washing