Security and network management has never been just an IT issue. It is a major business issue that requires focus and knowledge.

Our network security system introduces a whole of company approach to managing cyber risk. It provides a framework to map standards, cut costs and increase efficiency by identifying and managing high priority risks and activities.

Build Security Resilience

Website security audit services enable the organization to prevent security breach by protecting the data available in the web applications.

Security and Network Management
  • Ensuring security against the web attacks including DDoS & site scraping
  • Accessing the web applications for vulnerability check
  • Data protection against unauthorized access
  • Elaborative understanding of security apps handling the critical data

Traditionally, cyber security only becomes a focus to organizations after a cyber-attack or compromise of information and private data. This reactive approach is both costly and inefficient and unfortunately, very common. MyCondoLink undertakes a proactive approach to network security, recognizing that cyber attacks are a case of when, not if. Organizations that are prepared and have the right systems and technology in place are able to respond quickly, recover and continue business operations much sooner- absorbing less cost.

Preparation Is the Key

Be prepared to respond effectively and appropriately to cyber incidents preemptively by exploring your options beforehand. Establish your plan with MCL, backed by our experts to help you respond and recover when the worst happens.

Right from securing your essential information to data encryption services, we assure to provide the flexible streamlined functionality, along with the technology implementation for building a security strategy - keeping your core information zipped securely.