Today, with the advancement of technology, security services providers can offer an array of new services to complement their current portfolio offering.

A service which is in ever-increasing demand is Virtual Concierge, which provides both better margins and reduced costs for their customers. A few short years ago, security services providers for residential and commercial buildings relied solely on a concierge or security guard to secure the entrance to the building they serviced. Having on-site security staff means paying a salary with benefits, uniforms, training and many other costs -plus the fact that since no one person can secure a building round the clock, security service providers will possibly hire at least two or more security personnel. Virtual concierge provides the services a real-life concierge does but it does it digitally.

The system works through the use of large 4k digital lobby screens, via MCL Aquarius VC software module, which links it to the security providers call centre of trained security personnel or Virtual Concierge. We offer a complete end-to-end solution that connects the Virtual Concierge to the buildings security cameras, access systems, Key Management system, Parcel lockers system and automated licence plate reader (All of which we can supply and install individually). Having access to these systems allows the virtual concierge to carry out the expected services of an on-site concierge, for a far less cost of hiring full-time security personnel.

Your security services company can provide security, convenience and excellent customer service to the clients you service through the installation of our end-to-end Virtual Concierge solution. Usually, most buildings require some IT or camera upgrade, add to your bottom line by offering security system upgrades via our affordable leasing options.

Are you a Security Services company that already has a Virtual Concierge in place but need an upgrade? Or perhaps you're looking to offer this as a service to your client base? You're at the right place.

Reach us immediately via 1-888 416 5055 or and trust us to deliver high-quality and proven systems that take the hassle off you.